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Custom Orders

Original Japanese calligraphy works based on clients' chosen words created by Japanese calligraphy artist Keigetsu Watanabe. English words will be translated or transformed into Japanese characters (kanji, hiragana and katakana) taking the meaning and/or sounds into consideration.

Examples include logos, product names, slogans, mottoes and other subjects. Digital data and hard copy calligraphy artwork (ink on paper and mounted) are available.
*Words with negative or vulgar meanings will not be accepted.

This is suitable for clients who have their favorite Japanese words. Clients who already have their chosen English contents, but don't have an idea of which characters are the best to be written, we will be able to provide advice on choosing the appropriate Japanese language including kanji characters.

Ready Made Items

Original Japanese calligraphy works created by Japanese calligraphy artist Keigetsu Watanabe. Famous Japanese kanji phrases and words on hanging scrolls, Shikishi (traditional Japanese paper board) and frames are available. Subjects include auspicious and universal themes such as seasons, motivational slogans, fortuitous kanji characters.

Customized Lessons
and Workshops

Customized / personalized Japanese calligraphy lessons can be provided in Tokyo.