Basic information of Japanese calligraphy

Introduction of Japanese calligraphy - Shodo

Japanese calligraphy is one of the genres of art in Japan. Compared to other visual arts, it has both artistic and practical aspects because it is also written communication.

Japanese calligraphy is called “shodo(書道)” in Japanese. “Do(道)” in shodo is the same as “do” in Judo meaning ``the road to”. Therefore, Japanese calligraphy has a concept not only of visually unique but also spiritual growth through the furthering of one's skill. It reflects the same approach taken to learning since early times, and has social value with deep roots in Japan.

One-chance art

Shodo is a ”one-chance” art, meaning it officially doesn’t allow us to overpaint or correct our works as compared to many other styles of painting or drawing which do allow overpainting or corrections. (it is sometimes done purposely in order to enhance artistic expression) .
Shodo is traditionally written vertically, but is more recently also written horizontally.

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