Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion

"Rinsho" work from a masterpiece of Wang Xizhi

This is a “Rinsho” work from one of the classic masterpieces created by Wang Xizhi’s. “Lanting Xu (Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion)”. He is a world most well-known Chinese calligrapher as well as politician who lived during the Jin Dynasty (265–420) and is known as the Sage of Calligraphy.

Lanting Xu has been highly appreciated in its aesthetic form of the manuscript, expressions and the form of running script, etc. The text described a preface to the poems made by the attendees at a banquet, which was held by gathering 41 literary people.

1,350×700mm, Ink on paper, fabric handmade hanging-scroll


What is “Rinsho” ?

Rinsho is a practical methodology for calligraphy learners to copy shapes, brush strokes and other components from original classic masterpieces (copying). Any calligrapher learns from the classics first, starting with Rinsho. Masterpieces of Chinese and Japanese classics will be chosen as the subjects for Rinsho.